Monday, September 6, 2010

Lierac Morpho-Slim and Exfoliant Tonique

So I started today using my products from Lierac. The Morpho-Slim and Exfoliant Tonique. The aroma is delish! I began with the scrub which has a thick texture and it's seaweed green. I didnt expect it to be a color but it smells wonderful. It was smooth and instantly removed the dry skin I had on my legs. It rinsed off really well and i used the Morpho-slim while my skin was still damp(not wet). Wonderful smell also. Very light lotion but instantly the cellulite that i have on the back of my legs were smoothed out. I will be using it for the rest of the month.

Active Ingredients:
Polyethelene Microspheres

This also has 10% caffeine in it and i think that's great. The caffeine gets in and pulls the dimples which smooths out the dents in the skin. Again, this is only day one so I will keep you posted.

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