Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Look Boutique Experience on 57th Street and 3rd Avenue

So this Duane Reade is not your average pharmacy. It has everything from can goods to produce and house goods and a HUGE cosmetic section and The Look Boutique. What is The Look Boutique you may ask....well darling, it has high end skincare and cosmetics. Pop beauty is one of them. They carry Vera Moore Cosmetics, Becca, Pur Minerals, H20, Talika, Ramy, Klorane, Avene, Vichy, La Roche Posay, Lierac, Skin by Monica and much much more. Those will be future blogs ok. So let me tell my story.

As soon as you walk in the store you are floored by the selection and drawn to each bay like a kid in a candy store. Well Pop Beauty was on my right hand side. This bay looked like pure fun. Here are some of the items

Pop Beauty- Wonderful face treats!!!! There was about 10 different types of clutches to choose from. Each one had something different in them. The outside had a cute zebra like print and when you opened it as you can see about this clutch held eye shadows. They have bronzers, glosses, blushes... small enough to fit in your bag. You can travel every where with it. Gives you more space in your makeup bag.

Pop Nail Glam- Bright Bold polishes. These colors will definitely draw attention to your fingers. The polishes come with names like Radioactive, Twinkle and Ablaze.....who can say no?!

Pop your Lashes- Definitely for the daring! Lashes to dress up your every need. Darling for the cute divas, Twiggy for your inner icon and Fantasia for your Fantasy!!!!
Lip lacquers, eyeliners and mascara oh much to go back for lol. Fun glitters and shimmers and bronzers. They also have face primers, eye primers and lip primers.(talk about getting all areas primed lol).
Oh yeah, one more thing. I also came across this product by a company called Klorane. They make eye /makeup removers in a liquid and in wipes. What's cool about it is it's made with cornflower water. Cornflower is known for its soothing properties. Great for sensitive eyes!!!What i also found interesting is that all their products are opthamologist and dermatologist tested and safe for contact wearers....NICE!