Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Male Grooming.......So Sexy!

Men's skin care needs are just as important as a women's and I quote:
" First, we need to destroy the term "metrosexual" and the stigma around it. Grooming and looking good has been part of our culture for years. It's about time that men take pride in their appearance." - Fonzworth Bentley (Luv him!)
This 3-in-1 winning formula is designed for an all-over-haul - custom formulated to cleanse in one step and designed for all skin and hair types. Your face, body, hair and scalp are safe and sound with this smooth ride that is gentle enough to rev up every time you shower. With a fresh and clean aroma, Formule 1's light citrus lather washes away sweat and debris without stripping away the natural oils that keep your hair and skin healthy competitors in the race. Great for keeping in the gym bag, the office desk, the travel bag or your son's locker.

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